Thursday, November 13th, 2014
A wonderful experience…

I have to thank you Cathy as the birth was a wonderful experience. I realised I was definitely in labour at about 5.30am Wednesday morning and started timing contractions just after 6am. They were occurring every three minutes but not lasting longer than 20 seconds. I had a nice bath while Mark got Sophie ready for nursery and rang my mum to ask her to collect Sophie to drop her off at nursery. As I wanted to stay out of Sophie’s way, I ran a bath and tried to relax.

About 7.30am I really wanted to go to the hospital (especially as I knew our builders would turn up about 8am!). We got out the door at about 8am and got stuck in the rush hour traffic. Throughout this process, contractions stayed 3 minutes apart but got longer till they lasted about a minute each. I kept in mind the advice you had given us – that the contractions will peak but then they will die off and you will have a break. Each time I had a contraction and the pain got bad, I said to myself, “that means it will now start to fade”. It really helped me stay positive and focused. I focused on my breathing and felt really in control. I also used some visualisation techniques and thought about the baby moving down and rotating and my cervix relaxing. It really helped to focus on the end goal.

When I got to hospital I asked to use the birthing pool but they told me there would be no time. The midwife examined me and I was fully dilated and so I started pushing. It only took about four pushes and her head was out. I was amazed by the feeling of pushing as I hadn’t experienced that last time – it was a really odd sort of pain but really exciting to feel her coming out.

I was so delighted to have a natural birth and a gorgeous baby girl was delivered onto my chest at 9.17 am. It was a fantastic fast labour and I completely enjoyed the process. We have called our daughter Emily Rose and she is just perfect. She weighed 7lb 5oz and was gorgeous and pink. I had a couple of stitches but felt amazing after the birth. By 12pm I had showered and Sophie had come to the hospital to meet her baby sister.

I really do believe that the refresher classes helped me through the labour and kept me calm and relaxed. I think I am quite lucky that it was so quick and am so pleased to have such a positive birth experience!