Friday, August 15th, 2014
Undiagnosed breech – calm caesarean birth

My husband and I attended Cathy’s Natal Hypnotherapy workshop in our 31st week of pregnancy because as our baby’s due date drew nearer the more concerned I was getting about labour and the lack of sleep I was getting due to baby movement and trips to the bathroom.

During the course I learnt ways to relax with Natal Hypnotherapy CDs which I played when ever I was tired and they helped me relax and awake full of energy which is great when you are heavily pregnant.

During the course we also covered the different stages of labour and how to cope with these. My husband and I did a mind map which we stuck up on the bedroom wall.

As my due date came and went I used the relaxation techniques 3 times a day to help with relaxation.

Finally the day arrived, I started having contractions and consulted the mind map. As phase 1 started we went out for lunch with family ,staying calm. When we got home I had a bath and put the CD on. As I relaxed the next stage of labour started. I tried a lot of the tips on my mind map and found the one that helped with the contractions. At 9pm we decided to go to the hospital as my waters had broken I remember laughing as I tried to waddle to the car during the contractions that came every 2 minutes.

When we got to hospital I found out baby was breech and I need an emergency caesarean. This was not the birth plan I had in my mind. Initially it was very manic as I was prepped and rushed down to surgery. As I lay there I thought I am not in control and started to worry. I asked the theatre team to stop, I turned to my husband and we used breathing techniques and visualisation to calm the situation. After a few moment I was calm and felt in control. I told them to continue and I was ready to meet my daughter.

Emilie Rose was born weighing 6lb 4oz.

With the techniques I learnt I felt very calm in the lead up to labour. Even when my labour plan had to be changed I managed to retain control.

I would recommend the course to all expectant mums as you cannot overstate the calming benefits involved.