Friday, December 12th, 2014
We can’t thank you and Natal Hypnotherapy enough!

We are so happy to let you know that our daughter Brooke Parker was born on her due date, 17th November, weighing a very healthy 9lbs 2oz.

The total labour was 2 hours 30 minutes with only 15 minutes of pushing. I was able to stay with just the gas and air which was enough to dull the pain but kept me alert enough to listen to the midwives.

We had a very calm start which begun with my waters breaking at 6:30pm on the 16th of November. Contractions started at 7:30pm and started to come every 10 minutes but only lasted 20 seconds. We went in to hospital to be checked at 8:45pm, the midwife however didn’t want to do an internal examination as I didn’t look like I was in “proper labour” so guessed I was about 3cm dilated. They suggested that we go home, which was a little disheartening, but we had the impression that they were busy on the ward also they didn’t think I was in enough pain!

We were home for 2 hours when the contractions hit the 3 minute mark lasting 1 minute, I knew at that point we had to go back, for those 2 hours I listened to the Natal Hypnotherapy Birth Preparation CD.

We got to hospital at 1:00am and I was 6cm dilated, I had the CD playing constantly which really helped me zone out and as the pain was getting quite intense I asked for gas and air which really took the edge off. The midwife also read through the Natal Hypnotherapy booklet so she could help us achieve what we had been planning for the birth, she turned down the lights, kept the environment really calm and directed conversation towards David. I felt she really made an effort to help us follow the hypnotherapy which was so reassuring.

Just before 3:00am I turned to David with my most sincere face (which I had been planing for about 5 minutes so he would hopefully take me seriously and get me it) and asked him to get me an epidural – I had hit the doubt phase! He proceeded to ask the midwife to get me pain relief but didn’t push it with her as he knew it wasn’t what I really wanted and also realised we had hit that doubt phase. The midwife reassured me she would get the trolley with what I needed… There was no trolley David later told me. Also at that point I really felt my body needed to push, the midwife checked me and to her surprise I was fully dilated! I think I caught her by surprise so she quickly got her colleague in the room and they rushed to prepare for the birth.

I was able to listen to the midwives instructions when I pushed and felt very confident that my body was giving me all the correct signs, I was very much in control, and even though there was pain and discomfort i felt I had the strength to overcome it and not give in to it. 15 minutes later Brooke was born and placed on my chest, she was so alert but didn’t cry, instead she crawled to my chest and fed straight away, the placenta was delivered very quickly too. I did have stitches but they were done by the midwife very quickly and efficiently and have healed well.

The management skills we learnt were so adaptable and we came away feeling so content and happy with the overall birth experience. We can’t thank you and Natal Hypnotherapy enough!